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Grant clemency to Deneise Quintanilla Serving Life

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Imagine having to tell your children you are not coming home, because of your poor choices you will have to spend the rest of your life in federal prison. Which means no chance or parole, no chance of coming home, no chance of watching them grow up and have their own children. That is what Deneise Quintanilla's life was like 16 years ago when she was sentenced to life in federal prison for poor choices. Deneise was young when her crimes took place and she understands what she did was wrong, although a life sentence is very harsh for her involvement in a methamphetamine conspiracy case (her husband was the leader of).  

During sentencing Deneise's judge voiced his opposition in having no other choice  under federal law sentencing guidelines than to sentence her to life in prison. The judge also said less evidence connecting the mother of three to the operation was presented during the trail against her co-defendants than to her. However he had to hand her a life sentence anyway. Under today's laws it is unlikely a life sentence would be given.   

Deneise admits her remorse for the part she played in the conspiracy although she never imagined a life sentence could be possible. Deneise has spent 16 years so far in prison and has used that time to complete countless courses, trades, certificates, and most of all focus on ways to better herself. Deneise continues to work everyday for Unicor in hopes this will give her the skills needed to work in society if granted clemency. 

Deneise has expressed she lives each and everyday of the consequences of her actions and how this has impacted her family over the past 16 years.  The day she was sentenced to life she will never forget, she had to tell her family she would not be coming home. Because life in federal prison meant no parole, to see her family break down and cry the way they did was beyond any pain a person would ever want to endure. Her children were young at the time of her sentencing and could not understand why their mother would not be coming home, although through the years they have learned to live with this reality it has never been something they could accept. Since sentencing Deneise father and grandfather has passed away. She fears her grandmother and mother passing while she is incarcerated which is a horrible thought for her. 

Deneise is aware it is not only her doing this time, her children and family are also having to pay the price for her mistakes that she made years ago.  If given a second chance Deneise wants to be a productive member of society by working and most of all not taking anything for granted, especially her precious children and grandchildren. Deneise would like to work with younger women to help them see their self worth by being a good role model and sharing her story of what breaking the law and living that type of lifestyle will lead to. 

Deneise has told me several times in letters that "life is short and there is nothing worth losing your loved ones behind, and there should never be short cuts taken in life.

I am asking for you to please sign this petition and pray the president will give Deneise another change at life and grant her clemency.

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