For the Singapore government to allow uniformed female frontliners to wear the hijab.

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Many of our families and friends who are nurses, policewomen, and the like, are Muslims who wear the hijab in their daily lives. 

While respecting the laws of the state, they are constantly in conflict with their beliefs while carrying out their duties as frontliners, as they are not allowed to don the hijab while in uniform. 

The hijab is an obligation for adult Muslim women, just as how the Sikhs are allowed to wear turbans and keep their beards. Muslim women in Singapore should be allowed to fulfill their religious obligation while at work as well.

Meanwhile, many non-Muslim countries are allowing Muslim women to don the hijab while in uniform.

We hope that we can bring attention to this cause. A huge percentage of frontliners are Muslims, and we hope that we can help them fight for their rights. Them being helpless greatly saddens us, and I myself have immediate family members who are nurses. 

The more people are aware of how this has affected many of our sisters for the longest time, the more the government will hopefully listen. People of power will hopefully speak up on behalf of the weak. 

This would be a fitting tribute for our frontliners and our sisters, rather than mere applause. Please dear President, do spare a thought for our sisters and their families. These are people who have sacrificed and contributed greatly to our nation.