Namibia: Pass Sweeping Legislation To Protect The LGBTQ!!!

Namibia: Pass Sweeping Legislation To Protect The LGBTQ!!!

February 2, 2021
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President Hage Geingob
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Started by Over The Rainbow

     Namibia is one of only a handful of African countries in which citizens overwhelmingly support equality for the LGBT2SQIA+ community. However, an unenforced law allows gay people to be put in prison for consensual same-sex sexual activity. While Namibia has already announced legislation to repeal this atrocity, we, the undersigned, see an opportunity for Namibia to listen to public opinion and become a pioneer for human rights in Africa by passing the following sweeping pieces of legislation:

1. Officially repealing the gay sex ban and instituting an equal age of consent.

2. The adoption of hate crime laws covering the LGBT2SQIA+.

3. A ban and vigorous crackdown on corrective rape and conversion therapy.

4. Anti-discrimination laws in employment, provision of goods and services, and all other areas.

5. The recognition of same-sex couples and legalization of gay marriage, which has been a contentious issue in the Namibian legal system almost since Namibia's founding.

6. Access to IVF and surrogacy as well as joint and stepchild adoption for couples.

7. The expansion of current transgender protections to allow third-gender ID options and ease surgery requirements.

8. A full end to discrimination in the military.

     Since its inception, Namibia has been a trailblazing nation dedicated to the principles of justice, and we, the undersigned, demand Namibia do the right thing for people who face so many challenges!

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Signatures: 11Next Goal: 25
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