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Counter petition to make UTRGV a sanctuary school

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Recently there has been a petition to make UTRGV a sanctuary school. However the reprecussions to this do not seem to be well understood by the students who are mindlessly signing this petiton. It is common sense that declaring UTRGV a sanctuary school might come at the cost of elevated tuition prices, loss of federal funding, and safety of its students. Needless to say current students will suffer the dire consequences if UTRGV becomes a sanctuary school the most. Tution rates are already inflated as is, and the possibility of losing out on federal funding means serving select few people at the expense of many. Furthermore jepordizing financial aid packages/increasing tution could in turn cause the students of UTRGV to become financially strained as they will need to find a way to make the payments via longer work hours, loans, cutting costs (which if you are bearly making ends meets could be catastrophic & cause academic problems).  For these reasons and more let make our voices heard in the name of saftey, and an enviormemt that allows hard work to be rewarded not free handouts. God bless America today and always. The intentions of the petition to make UTRGV a sanctuary school are whole heartedly good, HOWEVER this isn't the most efficent way as it will affect current students heavily. More viable options that don't affect current students as much should be carefully analyzed and proposals should be made accordingly.

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