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Global Appeal on the Marawi Siege, EJKs and Human Rights Violations in the Philippines

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This Petition is an initiative of the Global Network of Women Peace Builders (GNWP), New York and Miriam College-Center for Peace Education (CPE), Philippines 

 A genuine and lasting peace can only be achieved if root causes of conflict and violence —poverty, injustice, gender inequality and social exclusion are eliminated.

This is a statement on the continued violence in Marawi City, Philippines as a result of terrorist attacks and the declaration of Martial Law; as well as the continued Extra Judicial Killings and human rights violations Please sign if you agree with the statement. We also encourage you to write to Philippine government officials to demand the rule of law and respect for human rights; as well as make donations to the non-profit organizations that are working hard to mitigate the situation.

 We, the undersigned women’s organizations, civil society groups, and concerned individuals from the Philippines and around the world, express our solidarity with the people of Marawi, in light of the terror attacks in the city.

On May 23, 2017, the Maute group, a local terrorist group that pledged allegiance to ISIS engaged in heavy and sporadic firefight with the Philippine military in Marawi city in Mindanao.  The Philippine Government responded by declaring Martial Law and undertaking subsequent airstrikes. Persistent firefight between government forces and the Maute group has caused displacement of 268,207 people,[1] and the death of 951, including 749 rebels, 155 soldiers and government forces and 47 civilians. [2] To date, there are 295 missing individuals.[3]

Women bear the brunt of war

We condemn the sexual violence committed against women in Marawi. A number of female hostages were raped and forced to marry members of the Maute group.[4] The threat of rape and harassment, as well as the lack of privacy in crowded shelters create widespread fear and increases vulnerabilities among women.

 Displaced women, especially those who are pregnant or have just given birth also face increased reproductive health risks. UNFPA reports that out of the hundreds of thousands displaced, about  10,000 are pregnant, and 6,700 are lactating mothers.[5] These women require prenatal and post-partum health care, that are often unavailable in evacuation sites.

Despite the difficulties they face, it is the women who are bringing their families and communities together. They mobilize to seek support and distribute aid. They cook and serve meals, they counsel and provide emotional support to other victims. They act as translators for aid workers who do not speak the local language. They reach out to the warring parties to stop the violence.

War on drugs = war on the poor

Since President Rodrigo Duterte came to power in July 2016, 13,414[6] have been killed as a result of his administration’s war on drugs. 21 of those are below 18 years old and eight of them are below 10 years old. Nearly all are people living in abject poverty. However, no big drug lords including those who have ties with high level government officials have been arrested. National and international human rights organizations, the United Nations, European Union, some members of the Association of Southeast Asia Nations, and individual world leaders are some of those who have expressed deep concern about the spate of killings.

 We strongly recommend a multi-sectoral independent committee composed of representatives from government, the Philippine National Police, civil society, church, and local government units to facilitate a dialogue and action to find nonviolent and humane ways to address the drug problem such as educating the youth on the ill effects of illegal drugs and improving rehabilitation programs.

Towards a broader and holistic approach to peace and security

We call on the Philippine government to go beyond militaristic and state-centric response to terrorism. Genuine and lasting peace can only be achieved if root causes of conflict and violence—poverty, injustice, gender inequality, and social exclusion are eliminated.

We would like to remind the Philippine Government of its commitment to international human rights and humanitarian laws. We also urge the government to honor its obligations under the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and 1820 on Women, and Peace and Security; the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and address the needs and concerns of the people in Marawi including the special needs of women and girls.

We urge the Philippine Armed Forces and Philippine National Police to strictly observe international human rights and humanitarian laws.

We call for heightened vigilance not only among women’s and peace groups, but among all  members of civil society, to ensure that, even in the height of crisis, the rights of the Filipino people to life and dignity, regardless of sex, culture, ethnicity, socio-economic status, and faith tradition, remain protected.

We encourage women’s rights, human rights, peace activists around the world, UN officials, the diplomatic community and other international actors to:

●     Express your opposition to Martial Law and the airstrikes; and the Extra Judicial Killings through the media, social media and in various public discussions;

●      Send letters to President Rodrigo Duterte through the Presidential Action Center at Telefax +632 7368621 calling on him to lift Martial Law, stop Extra Judicial Killings and address the root causes of the conflict from a position of knowledge and strength in order to demonstrate his leadership.

●      Send letters to the Philippine Armed Forces through Telefax +632 911-6439 demanding that they respect international human rights and humanitarian laws as they perform their duties as professional military officers.

●      Send letters to the Philippine National Police at, demanding that they respect international human rights and humanitarian laws as they perform their duties as professional police forces and guardians of peace and order.

●      Send letters to President Duterte at Telefax +632 7368621 and the Department of Justice at and call for the release  of  Senator Leila De Lima, who is jailed on politically motivated charges, and cease threats against her and other human rights defenders who have been critical of the government’s war on drugs.

●      Make a donation to any or all of the following:

o       Justice Advocates of Miriam Humanitarian Fund. Your support will be used to pay for medical and psycho-social counseling services, supplies, food, water as well hygiene packs especially for women:

Account Name: Miriam College Foundation, Inc.

Account No: CA 3084 0375 31

Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands

Bank Address: Loyola Katipunan Branch

Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

Attention to: Center for Peace Education

o       Baigani, a feminist solidarity group against Extra Judicial Killings (EJK) that helps provide psychosocial and financial support for widows and orphans of EJK so they can overcome trauma, fears, stigmatization and realize their strengths and capacities. The financial support is for emergency health needs and to keep children in school. The Baigani Pay Pal account is:

o       Art Relief Mobile Kitchen (ARMK) - ARMK cooks and serves meals to the Marawi siege evacuees. It has served 21,000 meals to evacuees since May 2017. Of this total no of meals served, 2095 meals were cooked and distributed as the war raged in Marawi city.Your support will be used to keep the kitchen fire burning.
The ARMK PayPal account is

o       Maranaw People Development Center (Maradeca, Inc) provides humanitarian support including distribution of food, infant kits, hygiene kits, household items, and psychosocial and medical services to displaced individuals and families.

Account name: MARADECA, Inc.

Account Number: 007-1705-1114-6

Bank name: Metrobank, Iligan City

Swift Code: MBTCPHMM


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To endorse the statement and request further information, contact:

 Prativa Khanal, Global Network of Women Peace Builders <>

Karissa Chua, Justice Advocates of Miriam <>

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