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Say NO to changing BC and AD on the time scale!! Put God, Jesus and prayer back in schools!

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We have clearly witnessed the declining of our great country ever since the removal of God, Jesus and prayer from our school systems. This nation was founded on God and has been a bold, feared, blessed nation until we began to allow individuals to complain and make changes to satisfy themselves. Now, it has been brought to our attention that even the acronyms BC and AD are being removed from the time scale in which we have ALL lived by!  It's absurd that a nation has to change its foundation and teachings to accommodate any non-believer or immigrant from another faith! Yes we have the freedom of religion in our constitution however, it seems to benefit any other religion but the religion of our own country.  You can speak and teach about any other religion or "gods" but can not even speak the name of our God and His son Jesus. You can pass out condoms and condone fornication but can not give out the Bible which teaches morals and values. Now it's even gotten to the point of changing acronyms on the time scale? Please stand with us and say NO MORE before God completely removes His hand of protection from America! 

This petition was initially created to keep the acronyms BC and AD on our time scale but I felt the need to broaden its purpose and address the root of the real problem which is to STOP removing everything about God and His Son Jesus and RESTORE what has already been removed!!!! Allow the Holy Bible to be a source of teaching again, allow the name of Jesus and God to be spoken in reverence and teaching again, allow prayer and blessings in the classroom again, keep God in our allegiance forever and definitely keep BC and AD on our time scale! Stand for God and watch how this nation rises back to the Greatness it once was! BLESSED!

Thank you!

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