Repeal of the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965

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 The Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965 turned the policy of American Immigration upside down and is responsible for severely limiting immigration from the diverse countries of Europe in favor of immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean almost exclusively. The major problem with this is that these countries populations come from the chaos of Socialist/Marxist/Communist Dictatorial countries and are not aware of what a Constitutional Representative Republic is nor do I believe they care. Assimilation has never been an issue prior to this immigration policy but it is today. All people are encouraged to celebrate their cultures to a degree but when that culture becomes more prominent and/or invasive than our own and balkanization is the consequence, that will lead to trouble for America and the traditional demographic population in the near future and is already becoming an issue with some States circumventing Federal and State Law with Sanctuary Legislation which is a direct result, albeit incrementally, of the Hart-Cellar Act.

 This change in U.S. Immigration Policy abolished the quota system that had favored immigrants with the best to offer our country like a scientist, doctor, inventor etc, and it's citizenry for our continued mutual prosperity and exceptionalism that had always been the magnet for people's interest in their desire to be a part of this experiment in self-governance, freedom and Liberty and self-determination to climb to the heights of success like no other country in history and had succeeded in that respect for more than 100 years.

 The Hart-Cellar Act began a process known as Chain Migration where a person who was accepted into the U.S. could then invite anyone of their family such as a brother, sister, parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent etc, without any proper vetting of who or what they were, be they possibly a Criminal or a Communist subversive or terrorist without the consent of We The People that is our Constitutional Right and the Duty of Our Federal Government to protect us the citizens of the United States. That is insanity, wrong and immoral, We are not and never have been a dumping ground for those with undesirable traits and were turned away prior to this policies activation. There was absolutely Nothing wrong with the Immigration Policies in place up to that time and this Act of Subversion in my opinion was Treason by the Democrat Party that had a nefarious intention for introducing it; to radically alter the demographic population of America.... and that unfortunately is very evident today.

 America is looking more like a Third World country and We need to reverse the damage this Immigration Act has been responsible for ASAP. Please do your own research on this and if you are concerned with the loss of our culture, traditions and even our language please sign this petition in order to restore America to it's intended place for all the worlds people to enjoy and experience with a renewed sense of order instead of the chaos of the current broken Immigration System that has been in place now for more than 50 years. This is the Immigration Reform that is needed; a total Repeal of the Hart-Cellar Insanity and a return of Immigration Policy pre-1965.