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Presidential Pardon for CommanderRichard Marcinko, Retired Creator of SEAL Team Six

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We the Undersigned Hereby Petition President Donald J Trump for the Presidential Pardon of a National Hero and Icon Within the United States Special Warfare Community, Commander Richard Marcinko, USN, Retired.

Commander Marcinko a former Commanding Officer of SEAL Team 2, was also the founder and first Commanding Officer of SEAL Team 6 and Red Cell, a classified Counter and Anti-Terrorist units. SEAL Team 6 was founded after the failed Iranian hostage rescue mission in 1980. Commander Marcinko was tasked by the CNO, (Chief of Naval Operations), at the Pentagon to establish a naval counter-terrorism force. The admiral’s words were, “You will not fail!” Commander Marcinko, “Did not fail!”  Other men could have been selected to establish Seal Team 6, but Marcinko was uniquely qualified for this assignment. His combat experience, organizational genius, and relentless drive made him the only man for the job. However, his complete dedication to obeying the orders of his superior stepped on the toes of other flag officers.

  Early on he displayed a keen grasp of world situations while working at the Pentagon and notified SEAL Team 1 and 2 to begin working on a counter-terrorism capability. This led to the formation of the forerunner to SEAL Team 6, called MOB-6. This classified unit, established several years earlier under the wing of SEAL Team 2, is where the concepts and tactics were honed that would become the foundation of SEAL Team 6. Marcinko was way ahead of the curve in understanding the future of terrorism and how to conquer it. In accomplishing the admiral’s orders, Marcinko infringed on the territory of other naval officers.

 He was resisted on every hand by naval officers that stubbornly refused to comprehend the need to shift from the Vietnam mindset into the future need for a counter-terrorism force. His tireless efforts, in-depth knowledge, experience and dynamic leadership of SEAL Team 6 forged what was to become a premier worldwide counter-terrorism force.

The original Red Cell was a 13-man team composed of 12 former members of SEAL Team 6 and one Force Recon Marine.  Red Cell had been organized to attempt to infiltrate and otherwise test the security of U.S. military bases and other installations sensitive to U.S. security interests worldwide. To the dismay of many senior Naval Officers, Red Cell was very effective in pinpointing and improving otherwise inadequate security.  As the success of Red Cell increased the popularity of Commander Marcinko fell within the circle of Flag Officers.

Prior to his forming SEAL Team 6 and Red Cell, Commander Marcinko served primarily in direct combat roles or crisis management positions in “direct” support of the National Command Authority (NCA), which collectively refers to the President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense.

On May 18, 1967, Marcinko lead an assault where a large number of Viet Cong were killed and 6 sampans were destroyed.  This action netted him the first of his 4 Bronze Stars as well as a Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.  Commander Marcinko’s team assisted in rescuing American nurses and a school teacher after a fierce street battle.  Commander Marcinko gallantly served 2 combat tours in Viet Nam.

After an illustrious, combat intense career this true American and hero retired having served for over 30 years.

In 1990 Commander Marcinko was sentenced to 21 months, serving only 15, and fined $10,000. The charge was conflict of interest over the price of contractor acquisitions for special use explosives.  The Navy did not prosecute, but an Admiral, who had a grudge against Marcinko referred the case to the Department of Justice which resulted in a hung jury and no conviction. The admiral refused to let the case end and referred it once again to the Justice Department, where the judge, who was now a Navy reserve commander finally reached a decision.

At a change of command ceremony, the members of SEAL Team 6 presented Commander Marcinko with an engraved Smith&Wesson revolver and a specially made SEAL Team 6 belt buckle paid for by personal funds from each individual team member.  When convicted his pistol and belt buckle were taken away by the Naval Investigative Service.  We endeavor that all of Commander Marcinko’s rights be restored and these items be returned to the Skipper so that this terrible and unpatriotic wrong can be made right.

To this day, the Commander and the majority of Special Operators that served with him maintain that he was singled out for prosecution because of the high level of embarrassment that he caused senior ranking Navy Officials.

Commander Marcinko burned into each and every one of us the need for commitment, integrity, strength and the undying respect for the United States of America.  There would not be a Special Warfare organization or capability of this caliber without the superhuman efforts of Commander Richard Marcinko.  Skipper, we will not fail you because you never failed us.  The American people are with you!

Please sign and right this terrible wrong that has haunted this true American hero and icon to Special Operations.

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