Clemency for Elizabeth Rushing sentenced to 24.5 years for a non-violent offense

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In 2000 Elizabeth  Rushing was sentenced to 24.5 years in prison for  money laundering and conspiracy to launder  money .

A few years ago, while serving time in the federal prison camp in Alderson, WV, I met Elizabeth “Beth” Rushing.  We became friends and I would like to tell you about her…

She is a woman who has served 18 years of a sentence that is 24 years and 5 months for a crime that involved no violence at all.  It was a Ponzi Scheme.  I do not believe that she belongs in prison at all, but she accepts that she made bad choices and that her choices put her in prison.  She made a choice to go to trial and not accept a plea agreement that was offered to her.  Her co-defendants accepted the deal and all of them have been released from prison, she is the only one still serving time.  That does not seem fair to me.  PLEASE LET HER GO HOME!!!!

Beth is a mother.  She has a daughter, Hannah, who was only 18 months old when she went to prison.  Hannah is now in college.  Beth has tried very hard to maintain a relationship with Hannah.  It has not been easy but she has been successful.  She has missed a lot, first tooth, first step, first day of school, first kiss, graduation, and first day of college.  Beth loves her daughter and her daughter loves her.  She should not have to miss anything else.  PLEASE LET HER GO HOME!!!!  

Beth is a daughter and sister.  She has parents and siblings that love her and miss her.  She has nieces and nephews, cousins, aunts, and uncles that hardly know her because she has been in prison for such a long time.  Her family visits as often as they can but prison visits are not easy and life gets in the way.  She misses them and would love to have more time with them. Her parents are older and their health is not good.  They love their daughter and want her home with them.  PLEASE LET HER GO HOME!!!!  

She is a friend, my best friend.  I admire how positive a person Beth is.  She has been in prison for such a long time that I expected her to be jaded and angry, but she is not.  She has worked hard to make a life for herself and be productive while incarcerated.  I admire this about her.  She gives to the community by helping with projects like the yarn project which makes hats, scarves, gloves, and stuffed toys for children in need in Alderson, WV.  She also paints and creates artwork for local churches and schools.  She teaches classes like yoga and beading to the prison population.  She is a productive member of the prison community and I know she will be a productive member of society when she is released.  She has a good heart and much experience that will benefit her home community.  PLEASE LET HER GO HOME!!!!

President Trump, we ask that you please have mercy and accep the 18 years that Beth has served as her debt to society filled with remorse and regret. Please let her come home to her daughter and parents where she is greatly needed.

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With sincere thanks ,

Kay Day