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Support St. Olaf Students' Reproductive Bill of Rights

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We are St. Olaf students from the Political Science Class, Courageous Resistance. NARAL is the political arm of the pro-choice movement, which works to secure reproductive rights for people across the United States. NARAL Pro-Choice has created The Reproductive Bill of Rights for students to introduce on their college campuses and tailor to their campus’ needs.

We spoke with Gender and Sexuality Center, Wellness Center, Title IX, campus deans, campus pastors, Student Organizations Committee, Student Government Association, and student organization representatives for advice and recommendations for our petition. These conversations do not necessarily imply their support of the petition. While, the college offers many resources already, our goal is to both create changes and ensure that all things on the petition are guaranteed each year. As active and concerned members of the St. Olaf community, we demand that St. Olaf publicly agrees to implement this Reproductive Bill of Rights. We hope that the administration will hear the voices of students that are working to benefit the St. Olaf community and work with us to draft a timeline of implementation. While St. Olaf has put significant effort into strengthening reproductive rights and policies, the St. Olaf community deserves more. 


Please sign onto the St. Olaf Reproductive Bill of Rights to let President David Anderson know that the St. Olaf Community demands administrative action to fill these gaps. These are not radical requests. They represent minimal changes that would bring St. Olaf College in line with its peers.

**When signing, please state your affiliation with St. Olaf (student, faculty, alumni, ect)**

Enact the St. Olaf Reproductive Bill of Rights:  

  1. Free condoms should be available in residence halls at any time of the day. They are already available at Health Services and the Wellness Center for free during their hours of operation, however, we would like to see this resource expanded. Condoms, dental dams, and pregnancy tests should be available for purchase at the St. Olaf Bookstore. JC’s and RA’s should receive training from the Wellness Center during their orientation at St. Olaf College on the proper use of contraceptives and should be allowed to distribute them from their rooms to residents.
  2. Plan B should be available for free at Health Services on weekdays. Plan B should also be available every day and all hours school is in session and distributed by the Gender and Sexuality Center and AC’s on call.
  3. Consistent gender-neutral language should be incorporated into all of St. Olaf College’s written policies. For example, the St. Olaf Code of Conduct should be updated to use gender-neutral pronouns.
  4. Gender-neutral bathrooms should be available in every single building on campus and should be clearly marked. Maps should be distributed and available for all students that designate the locations of gender-neutral bathrooms in each building.
  5. Long-term anti-violence and consent education should be mandatory and should continue after students' first year. This sustained education should be the dual responsibility of the Title IX Team and SARN.
  6. St. Olaf should follow through with employing a SARN supervisor dedicated to overseeing and expanding SARN’s services on campus. The Title IX Case Manager should meet with the SARN supervisor once a month to ensure all responsibilities are upheld. SARN’s co-chairs should be involved in the hiring process of this supervisor. SARN or a similar full-time confidential resource should always be available to expand sexual assault and domestic violence awareness and prevention training on campus.
  7. SARN should have a sustained and recurring annual budget provided by the St. Olaf administration so that they are able to provide and expand educational resources, training, and events for students.
  8. Evaluate and enhance trauma-informed therapy for Boe House counselors and Public Safety. Boe House counselors should complete the 40-hour advocate training provided by the Hope Center during the 2017-2018 school year. In addition, Boe House counselors, Public Safety officers, and Pause Security should have the SARN phone number available on hand to refer students.
  9. Publish the following aggregate data on the website and publicize through campus email. All following data should be included in one cohesive report annually. The report should include but is not limited to: The number of total cases that are reported as well as the number of cases with findings of responsibility; the duration of each case; and how students found responsible were sanctioned.
  10. Include mandatory expulsions for all findings of rape, or at a bare minimum, suspension until the complainant has graduated with no guarantee of readmission.
  11. St. Olaf College should ensure that students have access to unbiased information about reproductive rights and resources. For example, St. Olaf should not facilitate events from an organization that provides inaccurate contraceptive information and  biased consulting.
  12. St. Olaf should provide free transportation for students to the St. Paul (Vandalia) Planned Parenthood Clinic and the Women’s Center of Northfield, located in the Northfield Hospital, on a weekly basis. The Women's Center of Northfield is not to be confused with the Northfield Women's Center, the crisis pregnancy center in town. Students for Reproductive Rights should receive funding for transportation reimbursement from SOC and should coordinate a transportation system that is free and confidential to students. This transportation option should be included in St. Olaf transportation brochures and resources.
  13. Remove student room assignments and addresses from the Student Directory. Make this information available only with the affirmative consent of individuals.
  14. The St. Olaf administration should work with SARN, Students for Reproductive Rights, and the Wellness Center in addition to students who are concerned with reproductive rights on curating a distributable resource that includes comprehensive information about reproductive resources available to St. Olaf students.


Jenny Dao ‘17, Siri Ericson ‘17, Brenda Loza ‘17, Tyler Rice ‘17, Emily Schaller ‘17, Gabrielle Simeck ‘18, Sydney Spreck ‘18, Peder Tune ‘17, Sydney Wipperfurth ‘17


Please contact if you have any comments or questions. 

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