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$250 Fitness Complex Fee for RMU Students Whether You Want It or Not

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As many of you may or may not know, with the new sports complex that RMU is building, every undergraduate student will be charged 125 dollars PER SEMESTER and every commuter will be charged 60 dollars whether you use the new complex or not. It will automatically be charged to your tuition statement under the Student Government Association. 

It was said to be voted on at an SGA meeting with representatives from different clubs and organizations being present to represent the student body. As true as this may be, many people are just now hearing about this and the fees in place. Being the VP of an active club on campus, as well as all the other organizations I'm involved in, this fee was never brought to my attention, rather it was just posted on my tuition bill under SGA with no further details. No email was sent out informing students of this fee either. 

Many of my fellow peers have agreed that this fee is rather asinine, especially for those students who never plan on using the complex. We realize that these fees go towards maintenance and staffing, but it should be charged on a person to person basis. A simple solution could be for a charge to be placed on tuition for those who plan on using the facility which can be done in a systematic way just like programming our freedom cards for food plans and dorm keys. Just like signing up for a parking pass on campus or being assigned a mail key, students should have the option to participate in this kind of decision. Also, why not capture the genuine authenticity that comes with signing up for a gym and having a card to swipe, scan in? 

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