Congratulate the Board's new and outgoing President on their Gaza statement

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The incoming and outgoing Presidents of the Board issued an excellent statement on the attack on the Gaza border.  However Yachad (the UK's J-Street equivalent) is encouraging its supporters to email them to deplore the statement. Yet again Yachad has shown the hollowness of its claim to be 'pro-Israel. pro-peace' and the error of those who voted for it to be allowed to join the Board.

Please sign this petition if you deplore Yachad's letter:

"The statement, however, fails to place any responsibility on Israel for how it polices its borders"

-- There were tens of thousands massing on the border, with knives and explosives, intent on entering Israel and kidnapping a soldier. The casualty rate was remarkably low. What gives Yachad the right to second-guess IDF commanders on the spot?

"the highly irresponsible role that the United States has played in fanning the flames of an already tense and volatile time, by opening its embassy in Jerusalem."

--- Yachad knows very well that the storming of the border preceded the embassy celebration by months.

"the use of lethal force against protestors that do not necessarily pose immediate danger, is a deviation from the laws of use of force against civilians, and not considered legal under international law according to leading international and Israeli human rights lawyers."

---- Wrong. 'Proportionality' means you can use appropriate force

---- " ... do not necessarily pose immediate danger" The biggest Yachad Lie of them all. A Hamas spokesman said that 50 of the 62 killed Monday were members of Hamas or islamic Jihad!

"At no point was the International Division of the Board of Deputies, the committee tasked with discussing the Board’s policies and positions on Israel, consulted or asked for its opinion. "

----- It didn't have to be consulted, read the Constitution

"The Board of Deputies should look to organisations in Israel that it has previously partnered with such as the Bereaved Families Forum"

----- They are biased against Israel, ask Arnold Roth whose daughter was murdered by terrorists.


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