Stop NAVY's Use of Deadly Sonar Testing

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It is killing hundreds of thousands of whales, dolphins, and many other marine life forms, including ones we have yet to discover. Our very existence depends upon the balance that exists between our environment and our actions; the ocean is certainly no exception. We know that dolphins are very intelligent creatures and it is simply inhumane to knowingly inflict harm upon them, as well as many other creatures that live and feel just as we humans do. The NAVY should not have the right to blatantly disregard the lives that their sonar testing is affecting, and as president of the United States, I implore you to use your voice, the voices of all those you represent, to put an end to this senseless violence. We can co-exist with our fellow creatures that we share this beautiful planet with, I know we can, we just have to start standing up for what we know is right.  


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