Innocent husband jailed

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I am in complete desperation to save my husband “ Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim ElSaid” whom has been subjected to corrupt employers working in the army service in Zagazig Egypt and has endured the abuse of being locked to other prisoner in metal box in the back of truck in warm sun with no good ventilation and when he yelled because he cannot breathe, they completely close the sliding windows that would bring some air, and to mention no food or water at times and not getting his blood pressure medication as needed and has to pay to use the toilet among other things. My husband has lost tremendous amount of weight do to his suffering , and now by new military rule there can only be food dropped off two times per week by the family and at times the officer threw my husbands food in the trash, so he did not get his food that day.   I’m very sad for my husband, he has been a great supporter of the army and proud also that President El Sisi has cleaned out so much corruption in the country and he has always was proud and supported the army.

My husband was the only son of his Mother and only known son of his father. Not seeing or speaking to his father for 27 years because his parents divorced. 

My husband needed Army permission to leave the country as all Egyptian male must do. He went to get signed off from his military duties to come to me his wife in September 2017, when he went to collect the family data and return to Army for certificate of release to travel , he is told that he has forged or payed Army officials to give his stamp of release on Army paper from 2007 because the finding of having a young brother now and for which he was released from military duty back then  for the fact he was not needed and never ever knew he had a brother! Egyptian law is,  if you are the only son then you would not need to serve in the army. Back then they did everything  manually and did not use the computer to store any data.  Now because of this and some military official has made this error, they have imprisoned my husband on September 23, 2017 for their human error, and now locked him in these inhumane conditions over 40 days for investigation, and every 15 days they say they are not through with this investigation and keep him in jail in these harsh conditions. Wednesday the 8th of November will be another court hearing and will be 45 days my husband has been subjected to this treatment and being succumbed to the conditions. My husband is an innocent man and My husband is and has always been a law abiding citizen and very respectful. He has not done anything to disobey any law and has no record of this.

 UPDATE : November 8, 2017 , No one was allowed to see my husband today and he was given another 15-30 days in jail for investigation and he is totally innocent and I don’t know why he has to remain in such horrible conditions for this and can’t be at home for this investigation. My husband is giving up on his life and does not want to wake up. He is so depressed and scared. PLEASE I plead with you that something can be resolved in this and they can continue his investigation being at home.  He is a very good man and God fearing and he cannot leave the country until military clearance, so he is not a risk. 

My mother in law was trying to see my husband “her son” today November 8, 2017 and the officer has shoved her to the ground and I am very sad for this. My mother in law is handicap from being run over by bus when she was in her 20’s and never got her feet fixed and her feet are crooked and the bones still broke from all these years and has a very hard time walking,  and she is a diabetic and suffers high blood pressure and my husbanid has always helped his mother and now he cannot and to witness an officer to shove his mother to the ground, I’m sure his heart broke to witness this!

 Please put into great consideration that i have expedited my husband to come to me as it was approved with the US Embassy in Cairo through documentation of my condition of having cancer and my husband has been cleared to come to the United States on an expedited visa in June 2017  due to me having cancer and me needing his support as my husband and his VISA will expire now December 14 2017. I really need him here now for the fact I will need his support and do not want to continue this without him, and  I have suffered tremendously without a doubt, and with the fact of my husband being incarcerated and under the conditions of this has made me suffer even more. I am hoping and praying that you can make this right decision for my husband and myself and the family whom have suffered through this all. Your great consideration will be appreciated and would be the humane decision for my husband for he innocent of charge!  

  December 20 2017 ,as of today my husband is still incarcerated for being an innocent man and to hide employee error and has expired Visa now and cannot come to his sick wife. 

February 27, 2018 my husband is charged for what might be in his mind and sent back to his jail cell.

April 6, 2018 my husband must sign a conformation in the jail and he has 3 false charges put against him to hide their error.

April 10, 2018 my husband is moved to new jail facility in Port Said Egypt where he remains as of today.











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