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The Presidency keeps insisting on promoting it's agenda to facilitate the colonisation of Nigeria by fulani herdsmen.

This agenda keeps being renamed after each rejection, forgetting it is not the label Nigerians have problems with but the concept or anticipated mode of implementation.

It is repugnant to have the government force areas, most of which still suffer constant attacks to accept these same aggressors into their communities or face destruction.

This regime has so obviously shown it has no interest in promoting peace, unity or tolerance, instead, it continues to support the perpetrators of gruesome crimes and now aims to plant them in every state, a position that will give them an incredibly higher attack base of operations.

The solution to the killings are
1. Bringing perpetrators to justice
2. Banning Open grazing
3. Protecting Nigeria from all forms of aggression
4. Carrying out the wishes of Nigerian's
5. Educating Nigerian fulani on proper ranching methods
6. Rehabilitation of Indigenous people who have suffered attacks
7. Return of land seized by fulani through "conquest"
8. Ensure security of ordinary Nigerians

The solution to our problem is not the importation of fulani herdsmen to colonise Nigeria.