Preserve instructional positions at Wright State University

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Preserving Wright State's core academic mission means preserving faculty positions. Eliminating faculty positions means reducing the courses available to our students and increasing the class sizes of those sections that are available--beyond even what is already occurring. Students' progress toward completing their degrees and our ability to attract new students will continue to be compromised--unless a renewed priority is given to instruction.

If the choice is

--between sustained, quality instruction and administrative bloat (both in administrative compensation and in the numbers of administrative positions and support staff),

--between quality instruction and continued deficit spending on the many "semi-autonomous" units (most notably WSRI and WSARC),

--between quality instruction and continued deficit spending on athletics, which is linked very directly to continued losses by the Nutter Center,

--between quality instruction and continued duplication of service units between the university and college levels, and increasingly even on the departmental level,

--between quality instruction and continued purchases of off-campus properties for which we seem to be improvising uses,

then the choice should be clear: quality instruction should be our primary institutional priority.

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