Stop Chester's pigeon massacre!

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Premier Estates Ltd are planning multiple pigeon massacres by a gun man who calls himself 'Pest Buster' starting at 6pm 30th July 2019 at Wharf View apartments CH14GW, Chester, near Telfords Warehouse along the canal.

These birds have lived here long before the apartments were built, it's their homeground. 

We are already making an unprecedented amount of species extinct, 90% of pigeons die of starvation in their first year of life, let's not kill of the other 10%.

These birds are war heroes, they deserve respect, not to be shot dead. We need to protect our wildlife. 

Contrary to what pest control companies would like believe, they don't spread disease, they cause no harm and they are intelligent, loving birds. It is illegal to shoot birds unless they pose a danger to people's health or safety. These pigeons pose neither. 

Please sign and let Premier Estates Ltd. know that their plans are not only completely immoral but also illegal.

Who wants to live in a world without birds?