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On April 4th 2016, my husband's and my life were broken beyond repair when we lost our only child, our beautiful daughter Bree aged 23,  in a tragic car accident. It wasn't until July of this year that, under my Doctor's advice that I first went to the accident site and realised that the speed limit needed to be lowered from 80kms over the bridge where the exit ramp coming off the freeway was. Prior to this the speed limit up Carey Gully Rd was already 60km and it should never have been increased to 80km prior to the exit ramp. I also noted that the Give way sign should have been a Stop sign. It has taken 6 months of campaigning the Minister of Transport Stephan Knoll, with immense media pressure, from our local hills paper The Courier, to The Advertiser to finally Today Tonight. This Minister finally lowered the speed limit to 60km but is refusing to change the give way sign to a STOP sign, quoting road rules and saying nothing needs to be changed. Senator Cory Bernardi has given his full support but Stephan Knoll is refusing to change the sign. We are now hoping that by people signing this petition that Steven Marshall, the Premier of SA will make this very simple change which will hopefully prevent another loss of life. We have contacted so many Liberal government Minister departments, including the Premier's office with no reply. Minister Knoll declined to comment and did not have the decency to appear on Today Tonights segment, with his media advisor only writing a statement, unlike the very decent Senator Bernardi, who did appear and spoke with such compassion and empathy. Minister Knoll did however have the time to attend a Barossa Valley wine function, just days earlier. Just shows where this Ministers priorities really lie. We are pleading with The Premier to show some leadership, decency and compassion and make this change. It can only be of benefit to the local community and must be changed. Please sign this petition for our Bree and to help prevent another tragedy! We will continue to fight for this very simple change and will not be silenced, even though Minister Knoll continues to delete our comments on his Ministerial page and his Instagram account! #StopForBree