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Reintroduce DST to Queensland

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It's time that Queensland embraces Daylight Saving Time (DST) as it is long understood that the people in this great state would hugely benefit from an adjustment of the clocks. Today the sun rose at 4:45am in Brisbane. 4:45AM!

The Queensland government does not believe DST is a topic of priority, however I believe it would increase not only productivity for those living in the south east, but also their wellbeing.

Join with me to show the Queensland Government that we're tired of waiting for their decision on the matter. Show them that it's TIME for change!


What are the benefits of DST?

Families can benefit from DST as children are seceptable to waking up as the sun rises. If DST is introduced, children will wake up closer to 6am rather than 5am, allowing working parents to enjoy more sleep before work. Don't worry, those new block out curtains will still come in handy putting the kids to sleep at night.

From a business perspective, the three largest capital cities in Australia would share the same time zone - allowing for more succinct communication leading to increased productivity. In addition, DST also gives the average 9 to 5 worker encouragement to be active and get outdoors after work, rather than be sedative at home while it's dark outside.

Regarding safety, travelling during daylight hours increases road safety thanks to improved visiblity. For those using public transport, travelling during daylight hours reduces the risk of crime (theft, assault, etc) while walking home.

For general well being, the normal waking hours will utilise more sunlight rather than artificial light in the evenings.

From an economic point of view, people are more likely to go out shopping and eating while it is daylight outside - which will help bolster our local economy.


So why don't we already have DST in Queensland?

We have a large state. The top half would not benefit from DST at all which is the challenge I propose to the Queensland government to overcome. It is likely we need a split time zone so that the impact on our northern neighbours is lessened.

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