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Prevent the clear cutting around the Ingram River

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The Department of Natural Resources recently targeted three lots near the Ingram River for clear cutting.  I am strongly opposed to this for several reasons. 

 First, the lots are too close to St. Margaret’s Bay and to its coastal communities.  These communities are rapidly growing areas of Halifax.  For decades, the local community has used these lands for recreational purposes, including hiking, skiing, snow-shoeing, skating, driving snow mobiles and ATV’S, fishing, biking, mushroom hunting, canoeing, running and the list goes on. These areas are readily accessible by a short walk from St. Margaret’s Bay Rd or the Rails to Trails.  Clear cutting would ruin these activities.  Given the delicate nature of the soils in our area, these forests would take many decades to regenerate, making it impossible for future generations to enjoy these lands.  The extraordinary combination of outdoor experiences available around the Bay led many of us to choose to live here.  Clear cutting these lands would show wanton disregard for the many people living here.    

Second, the three lots are very close to the Ingram River and to Kiley Lake.  Clear cutting would have serious environmental impacts.  The Ingram River is a major nutrient and fresh water pump for St. Margaret’s Bay and the embayment into which it flows is a rich fishing area (witness the continual presence of folks fishing for mackerel and the many lobster boats that use this area).  The Ingram River is a salmon river, and many people try their luck in its beautiful waters. The low buffering capacity of fresh water in western Nova Scotia suggests that tampering with the surrounding forest could make these waters more acidic and decrease the ability of salmon to reproduce and grow in this river.    Clear cutting for the connector between St. Margaret’s Bay Road and Highway 103 has already increased the silt load in the Ingram River and Kiley Brook.  One shudders to think of the impact of further clear-cutting on water quality in the Ingram River system. 

Third, The lots targeted for clear-cutting are uphill from private dwellings that rely on wells for domestic water.  The unknowns of hydrology and the increasing difficulties homeowners around St. Margaret’s Bay are having with their wells suggest that removal of forests could affect the groundwater and lead to problems for inhabitants of Black and Meisner’s Points. 

Fourth,. The lots targeted for clear cutting are one of the few areas along St. Margaret’s Bay where the forest reaches the Bay, increasing the scenic value of the area.  Clear-cutting would turn this scenic backdrop for the Bay into an eyesore.  Our Bay is picturesque with its many towns and villages scattered along the shore.  Its northern shoreline has lovely beaches, where low dunes hold ponds of brackish water.  It is a unique tourist destination, favored by many Nova Scotians and visitors from other parts of Canada.  We should nurture this potential instead of sacrificing it for short-term gain. 

 Please help send a clear message to the provincial government against these proposed clear-cuts.  Thank you for your support!

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