To Save Lives, We Must Drastically Increase COVID-19 Testing in BC!

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We, concerned citizens of British Columbia, respectfully but urgently demand that COVID-19 diagnostic testing in B.C. be drastically increased without delay. B.C.’s per capita testing rate is now only about 40% of the Canadian average. For months our province has been using a mere 20-30% of its daily testing capacity. Falling far short of the standards set by other Canadian provinces, B.C. is not adequately employing its testing resources to protect the health and safety of all British Columbians. This is unacceptable.  

To protect our most vulnerable people and lower the risk of a deadly second wave of COVID-19, B.C. officials must heed our Prime Minister’s call for “massive, widespread testing.” We must immediately begin to employ as much as possible of our full testing capacity of approximately 7,700 tests per day.

As has been done in other Canadian provinces, testing criteria in B.C. must be expanded to allow the testing of a large number of people without symptoms as a means of detecting non-symptomatic carriers of COVID-19 and preventing "silent spread" wherever possible. Risk-based, targeted non-symptomatic testing should be done, prioritizing those who are most likely to contract the disease, those who are most likely to spread it, and those who have regular contact with senior citizens and other vulnerable people who are likely to suffer most from its adverse effects.

Care home staff and other healthcare workers, for instance, must be tested regularly, with or without symptoms! With a proactive testing strategy of this kind, we can stop outbreaks before they begin and save many lives.

Premier Horgan, Mr. Dix and Dr. Henry have repeatedly exhorted the citizens of B.C. to “be 100 percent committed, all of us, to doing our part” in the battle against COVID-19. We need our leaders to show the same level of commitment in the crucial matter of COVID-19 testing. To save the lives of as many British Columbians as possible, we urge Premier Horgan, Mr. Dix and Dr. Henry to do their parts by implementing the measures called for above and employing our full testing capacity without further delay.