Enough, let's bring ridesharing to BC now

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According to the BC NDP website, they promised to pass new rules to introduce ridesharing to BC in 2017.

After much delay, the BC NDP government has introduced a new legislation which still means that British Columbians could be waiting until late 2019.

Transportation Minister Claire Trevena said her bill has set the stage for ride-hailing companies to start applying for licenses once the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) develops new specialized insurance products in the “fall of 2019”.

In the latest days, according to the Global News website, Transportation Minister mentions the following statement: “Class 4 driver’s license provides a safer atmosphere for passenger directed vehicle movements, with extra testing and a medical examination completed at time of application and in routine intervals thereafter” ruling out the possibility of using a Class 5 driver's to work for companies such as Uber and Lyft.

According to ICBC statistics, there is no correlation between higher accident rates between the two class license holders. Also, in relation to an article published on the BC Chamber of Commerce website, the majority of Lyft drivers drive part time – in Toronto, 91% drive fewer than 20 hours per week without mentioning that Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and most U.S. jurisdictions only require a Class 5 license, which is the minimum every driver in B.C. must have.

This isn’t really about safety – it’s about continuing to protect the taxi industry by imposing red tape on those who want to drive for ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft, by unnecessarily increasing extra hurdles and burdens for part time drivers. This regulation decreases the availability of many potential part time drivers which negates the benefits of quick and efficient ridesharing.

Please share our petition and get the word out with your friends, family and relatives. British Columbians deserve accessible, affordable and reliable means of transportation. Let’s ensure that ride share services enter into a fair and free market with class 5 drivers license.

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