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According to the BC NDP website, John Horgan and the BC NDP promised the passing of new rules to introduce ridesharing to BC in 2017.

Since then, this issue has been delayed but finally the BC NDP government has introduced a new legislation where we will need to wait in British Columbia at least until late 2019.

The schedule leaves the NDP at least two years behind the startup time it promised voters in the last election.

Transportation Minister Claire Trevena said her bill has set the stage for ride-hailing companies to start applying for licenses once the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) develops new specialized insurance products in the “fall of 2019”.

In the following link below, you will find some of the key amendments proposed by the BC NDP for the new ride-hailing legislation in B.C. while comparing to some of the other provinces that already have ride-hailing services available (Alberta, Ontario and Quebec):

Why B.C. government is obstructing ridesharing?

The proposed legislation by the NDP appears to be highly bureaucratic and is merely an extension to the current taxi system as opposed to allowing for a new and competitive market services by setting rates and determining the number and coverage areas of the services. It is important to note that ICBC is a monopoly and will be the only insurance company providing insurance to ride share drivers.

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