Women's shelters/refuges for victims of Domestic Violence.

Women's shelters/refuges for victims of Domestic Violence.

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A man broke into my home & violently stabbed my head, chest & back of my neck. Blood was everywhere, I was terrified & convinced he'd kill me that night.

My name is Connie, I'm an Aboriginal woman & for over 22 years I've been a victim of unthinkable domestic violence. There is no where to run as women's refuges are allegedly full. Refuge doors are being slammed shut in the faces of Aboriginal women trying to flee violence. Their forced to sleep I'm the streets or return to the abusers with their vulnerable children. There are domestic violent related deaths of Aboriginal women in our communities. These deaths don't make the news but there sure as hell occurring.

I personally have a list of 50 local Aboriginal women who have either been rejected from refuges, mistreated whilst their there or still desperately waiting on a bed or referred to hostels or other services with no consideration of the environment their being referred to. I've banged on refuge doors or called and know what desperation feels like & to fear for your life if doors are not opened.

I am only able to write this petition now as I'm in a safe home. I feel a responsibility to fight for the safety & lives of the women & children in communities. Please, Premier Mark McGowan listen to me. You say your government cares about Aboriginal issues, well that should include keeping Aboriginal women safe & alive.

I am petitioning the W.A Premier on behalf of the communities & other victims of domestic violence for designated Aboriginal women's refuges to be established in W.A. Please sign my petition.