Decision Maker Response

Sarah Lovell MLC’s response

May 24, 2018 — In a supposedly enlightened and tolerant Australia, it’s difficult to believe that a practice as archaic, ignorant, uninformed and downright dangerous as conversion therapy still exists and is still practiced.

Younger Australians discovering their sexuality can already feel marginalised, confused and isolated without interference from woefully misguided so-called experts, and it is reprehensible that politicians of any persuasion would be encouraging conversion practices.

Conversion therapies have been widely discredited, perpetuate a frankly prehistoric belief that sexuality can be “cured” and are psychologically extremely hazardous.

They are to be condemned.

Tasmanian Labor stands with Chris Csabs and all Australians who have been subject to conversion therapies, or pressured to participate in such therapies.

These therapies have been discredited by many important organisations, including the Australian Medical Association and the World Medical Association. It is not in keeping with the values of Tasmanian Labor, values of inclusivity, dignity and respect.

We call on Tasmania’s Hodgman Liberal Government to act immediately, to ban conversion therapies in Tasmania, and to work with the Federal Government on a nation-wide strategy that supports LGBTI Australians.