Petition to Reduce the Semester Duration of Engineering Colleges under VTU

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The general trend in Indian Engineering Colleges about their semester duration is around 3.5 months of Classes and Labs and then 20 to 25 days of Semester Examination which adds up to around 130 days of a semester. So , Basically there are 260 days of college in an academic year and nearly 3 months as vacations during which a student can learn new skills or even be industry ready by pursuing an internship.

Contrary to that , VTU(Visvesvaraya Technological University) , Belagavi , Karnataka doesn't seem to follow suit as the semester duration is around 150-160 days including semester examinations and working days.Make that 300-310 days of the academic year. 

Here comes the main point , there isn't ample time for a student studying in a college affiliated to VTU to work on his skills or even pursue an internship cause the maximum days of summere holidays are nearly 30 days and genuine internships require you to dedicate yourself for atleast a month which binds the student in a time constraint.

And according to the recent changes brought about my the Ministry of HRD and Education , India minimum three internships are compulsory for an engineering graduate to be eligible for the "handsome" paying jobs in technological sector.

Let me bring up the worst part of it all : The 60 odd days of vacations keep on decreasing yearly. For example , 

In first year if a student gets around 30 days of summer break he'll end up with only 20 odd days during his second year summer break as the semester duration under VTU generally increases as the student reaches higher semesters.

I strongly feel this is a very major issue as around 300 colleges are affiliated to VTU with around 5 lakh engineering aspirants who would surely end up being unemployed as they would not be industry ready.