Chicken Car Parking Equality Now And Forever

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I am a fresh college grad, just starting out in the real world. Twinkle eyed and ready to make a positive impact! I landed my first “real” job in Oakbrook, Illinois as an Asset Manager. I was eager to get started, but knew it was going to be tough. I didn’t have a lot of money for rent, and my parents didn’t live near the suburbs. So I was going to have to commute.

At first, I thought it would be fun driving my Chicken Car 87 miles one way to work. The Chicken Car is a ‘93 Ford Mustang with a giant fiberglass chicken head and tail attached to it. The Chicken Car has been my pride and joy for the last 7 years. We’ve been on many adventures, so this wasn’t much different.

I quickly realized we weren’t in Kansas anymore(or rather Dixon, IL). The building I worked at had received complaints about the Chicken Car being located in the parking lot. Certain individuals were upset that they could see the car out their window.

I tried to accommodate them by parking on the opposite side of the parking lot, closer to the front door, so it wouldn’t be visible from their office. As in most parking lots, the spaces closest to the door fill up quickly, and it became more and more difficult to procure a spot out of sight.

After an exhausting year of commuting from Dixon to Oakbrook(174 miles round trip) I managed to move in with a relative who had recently purchased a home in Sugar Grove. Finally! An opportunity to cut my commute by 2/3!

After two weeks of staying in Sugar Grove, and parking the Chicken Car in my cousins driveway. He received a notice in the mail. It was a violation notice from Prairie Glen Subdivision indicating that the Chicken Car needed to be removed from the Subdivision within 48 hours or it would be subject to fines.

The violation cited a section of the HOA handbook that prohibits commercial vehicles from being parked within the subdivision. Also included was a photo of the Chicken Car two years prior with advertising on the side of the Chicken Car.

That particular photo was outside the National Alliance on Mental Illness Convention in Denver, CO where the Chicken Car was showcased for its efforts in promoting mental illness awareness through a 48 state road trip hosting outreach events in nearly 40 cities, changing lives all along the way. On the side of the car, a magnet, recognizing the Silver Sponsor who donated $10,000 to our cause.

 Permitting the Chicken Car to park freely will enable me to dedicate more time and effort into projects that truly matter. And not spend my time entertaining frivolous complaints just because we’re different. #teamchickencar

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