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seeking urgent intervention to save Ho Duy Hai

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etter seeking urgent intervention to save Ho Duy Hai, from his mother, Mrs Nguyen Thi Loan, to the Amnesty International and the European Union.
Đơn kêu cứu gửi cho Hội Ân Xá Quốc Tế và Liên Minh Âu Châu, Ngoc Nhi Nguyen dịch.

To: The Amnesty International
To: The European Union
My name is Nguyen Thi Loan, born 1963.
Address : Hamlet 1, Commune Nhi Thanh, District Thu Thua, Province Long An 
Mobile phone: 01279332777

My son is Ho Duy Hai, he has been given the death sentence and is going to be executed for a double murder charge. My son is really innocent and has been protesting his innocence for a long time.
Some facts on the case:

In this case Hai was not caught at the scene but arrested 2 months after without having any link to the murder, there was no witness and especially that the police experts had confirmed: not one of Ho Duy Hai 's 10 fingerprints matched those recovered from the crime scene, but the police still concluded that Hai was the killer.

- Although the judgment concluded that Ho Duy Hai had used the knife and the wooden chopping board to hit and kill the victims and also had left both items at the scene , these were never found nor recovered from the scene. ( Much later the investigation team decided to go to the supermarket to buy a knife and a chopping board to add to the exhibitions as proofs of crime )

- During the trial, many false evidences and signs of unauthorized corrections to the exhibits were overlooked or ignored.

- Right from the initial trial, Hai had protested his innocence but was forced to change it to a request to reduce the charges only. At the main trial he protested his innocence once more.
For the last 7 years, my family has sent many documents protesting his innocence and asking for an appeal trial to review the case, but was only told verbally that " the right person was given the right sentence " but never received any explanation or clarification on any of the discrepancies and queries mentioned.

On the 25th November 2014, officials from the Long An Court visited us at home to advise that the execution will be carried out soon and told us to hasten up the protesting process before it is too late. My son 's life is in danger and he can be wrongly executed anytime.
Please help us and give us some hope in Justice. We are deeply and sincerely grateful.

Nguyen Thi Loan

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