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Hi everyone! We created this event to make politicians from all countries react, thanks to social networks gathering people from all around the world, against this horrible festival, the “Yulin Festival” in China, that has started. Many activists in China are fighting every day against this gruesome festival. They are saving many dogs and cats from a horrible massacre, torture and death in order to be eaten. But unfortunately this is not enough. The Chinese activists need our help in order to abolish this festival. This is why our support is essential to abolish this inhumane festival. Our idea is to change our Facebook and Twitter profile pictures and show a picture of our pets with this message: “STOP YULIN FESTIVAL PLEASE” You can use these hashtags to show your pictures on social networks: #StopYuLin2016 #STOPYULINFOREVER #EndYulinFestival #stopyulin If anyone has trouble making such a picture, you can send me a picture of your pet and I will add the text on it with an application that I have, and will send you your picture back with the message on it. And a HUGE thank you to all your kitties and doggies that will this way also take part in the support against this festival! For those who dont know what this festival that takes place every year in China is, I am gonna explain in a few words. The entire year, people who take part in this festival, catch dogs and cats from the streets, and also steal family pets from their owners, in order to sell them to be eaten as meat at this festival. The animals are being killed there in front of every one, they are being kept squeezed by dozens in tiny cages, skewered alive, and put still alive in boiling water, etc… Please, all these animals are counting on us to save them from this festival straight out of hell. It has to be banned once and forever. Thank you once again for taking part in this hard fight, for your empathy and support for all these animals. Thank you so much! Here are some picture of my pets with the “STOP YULIN FESTIVAL PLEASE” sign, as an example. Please share this event and invite your friends! Thank you again! Here are some petitions to abolish this festival. Please sign them and share them as well! https://www.change.org/p/président-de-la-chine-mr-xi-jinping-stop-festival-yulin http://www.mesopinions.com/petition/animaux/yulin-stop-fete-martyre-animal/19896 http://endyulinfestival.animalsasia.org/ Thank you!

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