Potbelleez - Don't Support Animal Racing

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A few weeks ago, The Potbelleez decided to cancel their performance at the "Million Dollar Chase", an event at Wentworth Park (Sydney) that races Greyhounds around a track with a lure for human entertainment.
I applaud them for their decision to cancel that show. However, they are still scheduled for a NYE performance at Gloucester Park here in Perth. They will be racing horses at this event, with fireworks and loud music which of course is terrifying to animals.

These racing animals typically have lifespans a fraction of what they will normally have in loving homes. Many who are injured, too old or too slow are not deemed worthy to keep and will be killed as a result.

Animals are not disposable objects. We need to stop supporting these vile industries to make a change.  

Please email the Potbelleez and ask them to cancel their show at Gloucester park, and any further shows at venues which use animals for entertainment.