Make Shafie Apdal appoint someone else as Sabah State Finance Minister

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First of all, if you're a Malaysian but not from Sabah and you think that this does not concern you, please be reminded that what is allowed to happen in the state level may well happen again at the national level. And in any case, this is a case of keeping the elected representatives in check, a case of asking them to fulfil their campaign promises to the Rakyat. So please, lend a hand to your fellow Malaysians in demanding greater accountability and transparency from the Sabah Government.

Now, the story goes like this - Warisan and Pakatan Harapan made a pact to work together to win over Sabahan's votes during the recently concluded GE14. 

During the campaign period, Sabahans were promised, amongst other things, that if Pakatan Harapan - Warisan coalition wins, the new Chief Minister WOULD NOT also hold the office of the State Finance Minister. 

For many, this was one crucial determining factor in voting for the PH-Warisan coalition. This was also an element of fair play that has been lacking in the state politics for many years. Many people were fed up with corrupt top officials who could approve projects and budgets without having to account to another person, and Sabahans gladly bought this promise.

However, now that Shafie Apdal has been sworn in as the Chief Minister, he has announced that he is also the State Finance Minister. He says he sees no conflict of interest. He says that projects etc would be approved by "a new centralised body" (quoted from

You see, when we voted for either Warisan or PH in our constituency, we voted for the coalition. And any promise made by any PH or Warisan member during the campaigning period is a promise that was made by the whole coalition. 

Even if Shafie Apdal don't see any conflict of interest, we have all heard of the great Mat Sabu's "Najib Parable" where Najib (the 1MDB Chairman) borrowed money from Najib (the then Finance Minister) who managed to get approval from Najib (the then Malaysian PM) easily.

We were promised check and balance in the form of separate persons holding the posts of Chief Minister and Finance Minister. We have voted for you, so Pakatan Harapan-Warisan, fulfill your GE14 Manifesto to us Sabahans. We want greater accountability and transparency. We want someone else appointed as the State Finance Minister!