Kick Aramark Off Campus!

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As a student, I chose to go to Portland State University for many reasons but mostly because of its dedication to promoting inclusion, innovation, and sustainability.

This is why I am so disappointed about Portland State University’s partnership with Aramark, our school’s current food service provider and a company that supports extreme animal cruelty. Despite being one of the world’s largest food service providers, it does not have a single meaningful policy in place to protect the chickens it purchases.

Regardless of what you eat, most will agree that the factory farms where Aramark sources its chickens are absolutely horrendous! Chickens on these farms spend their short lives packed in dirty windowless sheds, where the floor is so caked with fecal waste that their skin, throats, and lungs burn from the ammonia fumes.

In addition to enduring the horrible living conditions, these chickens are bred to grow so fast and so large that their bones, hearts, and other organs can’t keep up with their bodies’ weight. Many die of heart attacks, organ failure, or dehydration when they can no longer reach water.

Throughout my time here, my PSU professors have stressed the importance of becoming a leader in “developing solutions that improve the quality of life for all—both today and in the future”. Contracting with a company that supports such cruel and unsustainable practices and blatantly disregards basic animal welfare is in stark contrast with PSU’s mission and belief system.

It is time for Portland State University leadership to please stop contracting with Aramark for the chickens, for the planet, for the students, and for the school!

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