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Save Benson's athletic program!

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We are writing to you on behalf of Benson Polytechnic High School. Portland Public School's athletic director, once again intends to limit or cut our sports program.  The Benson student body is so diverse and comes from every corner of Portland we rely heavily on our sports programs to build our community. Benson needs and deserves athletics just as much as any other school. Athletics at our school make us a family, it creates identity and lends belonging. Because students come from all over the district, travel time to school is already long. Making students travel to another school to participate in sports would only add to that commute, and would drastically slim our participation in athletics. Not having the option to play athletics at our home school would be inequitable. Our students wouldn’t be given the same opportunities as kids at other schools. Sports encourage students to show up for class on time and to focus on grades so that they can participate with their team. They are motivated to get good grades so that they can participate in sports. Through athletics our students learn the importance of leadership, perseverance, responsibility, and commitment. Every year students come to Benson knowing few or no other students, and meet lifelong friends through our athletic program. Cutting the athletic program would also cut a huge part of our identity and community. 

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