Save the car drifting events at the Port Macquarie Go Kart track!!

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What's happened? In May 2018, Port Macquarie Go Track had obtained approval for it's Development Application from council to host drift cars on the track for a trial period of one year. During this trial year, the venue has seen a number of events in which had proven to be a success and provide a legal, safe, and controlled environment to host drift cars to attend events and stimulate the local economy in the same time. In Jan, 2019 an application was put forth to the local council in order to change the status of the track's DA from a trial period to permanently allow drifting with a maximum allowance of 28 events per year. Now 5 months on with the trial period coming to an end, Council have chosen to decline this application and impose governing conditions on the track that has subsequently put a hold on any/all drifting event due to noise implications. What's the reason? As mentioned above, Council has chosen to decline this application due to noise. In order of attending to this, Awesomedrive have engaged an acoustic consultant whom has undertaken 2 acoustic reports on the track and its operation in which have concluded that the track is adhering to it's governing noise conditions. It is also noted that the adjacent highway to the track produced far greater volumes of noise at all hours of the day and night than the track has currently produced but Council have chosen to reject the report due to it's 'methodology'. What's the outcome? Result - No drifting allowed back on this venue and it will remain this way until council decides otherwise. Awesomedrive are willing to comply with all governing conditions imposed by Council but they simply require clarification on what conditions needs to be addressed with supporting documentation to prove it. What will happen? If this track forecloses it's doors to drifting, it will have substantial effects on creating a safe environment for drifting activities, significant reduction in local economy, and reduce tourism to the town of port Macquarie accordingly. What's needed? Please show your support by signing this petition to make sure that the council knows all the benefits that this track and activity could bring to Port Macquarie and for them to see how many of us out there who can not wait to come for another great event or practice day! Hopefully we can keep enjoying the use of this great venue in the future!! Thank You for the support!