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We want to STOP Fulton Hogan/Horokiwi Quarries plans for a quarry on the Western Hills, between Plimmerton and Pukerua Bay.

You can help achieve our goal by signing this petition. This will be presented to Porirua City Council ahead of their meeting with Fulton Hogan/Horokiwi Quarries planned for 17 April 2018.

Why should I be worried?
Fulton Hogan/Horokiwi Quarries proposed quarry could have implications for your health, destroy the local environment, add real safety risks on local and rural roads and undo agreed development plans for the area's future. If you live in or around the Plimmerton and Pukerua Bay areas, you and your family could be at risk.

Impacts on our health
Quarries are large, deep pits used to excavate stone and other minerals for building and construction. During the excavation process, dust and other toxic materials can spread from the site towards neighbouring areas – including homes, schools, shops, farms and parks. This dust can pollute the air, causing a range of potential health hazards.

A quarry would bring a number of other direct impacts including noise, associated with blasting, vibrations, constant truck movements and onsite machinery.

Impacts on the environment
The Western Hills stretching from Plimmerton to Pukerua Bay form part of an Outstanding Natural Landscape Feature with rural amenity values, and sit within the significant environmental and ecological Taupō Swamp catchment.

A number of streams, underground watercourses, and ephemeral streams created after rainfall, travel down these hills through the farm’s boundary, crossing through neighbouring properties, before they reach the protected Taupō Swamp, which is also part of the wider catchment to Te Awarua-o- Porirua Harbour.

The Western Hills are a clearly visible Outstanding Natural Landscape Feature from a number of public spaces, including Taua Tapu Track, Whenua Tapu Cemetery, and SH1.

A quarry could spell disaster for this sensitive area.

Impacts on our local and rural roads
The wider community is welcoming the opening of the Transmission Gully motorway (TG) in 2020, which promises to significantly reduce heavy haulage traffic on local roads, improving safety in our communities.

A quarry would take away this promise, by introducing a continuous stream of heavy haulage trucks and related work vehicles exiting and entering the site from what is currently known as SH1 and travelling once again through our local communities to the south through Plimmerton and Porirua, and north through Pukerua Bay and Paekākāriki.

Impacts on the Northern Growth Area Structure Plan 2014
Porirua City Council’s Northern Growth Area Structure Plan 2014 provides a blueprint for future development for the Western Hills, which sit within the Northern growth area. This plan does NOT include a quarry.

The final plan considers the impacts a large development would have, including the protected Taupō Swamp. It would see some residential and rural housing, and mainly open spaces in the steeper slopes and gullies protected. It also supports enhanced planting of native forest to increase the ecological benefits of the area, and proposes a number of recreational tracks and parks for people to visit and enjoy in the future.

This would all be at risk if a quarry was allowed in this area.

Our Petition
Fulton Hogan/Horokiwi Quarries is planning to meet with Porirua City Council on 17 April 2018. As the voice for our community, we’d like Porirua City Council to communicate the following community messages to Fulton Hogan/Horokiwi Quarries at this meeting:

  • The communities’ voice is strong, and we believe that Porirua City Council should advise Fulton Hogan/Horokiwi Quarries, that a resource consent would not be granted should they apply, for the reasons set out above, and summarised below.
  • There would be significant and irreversible adverse environmental and ecological effects on the receiving Taupō Swamp and wider catchment, and a number of direct impacts on the wider community surrounding this Outstanding Natural Landscape Feature.
  • A quarry would undermine the substantial amount of time, effort and rate payers dollars invested by Porirua City Council over the past several years seeking specialist advice and expertise to develop the Northern Growth Area Structure Plan 2014.
  • A quarry would go against consultation and engagement with specialist groups and the wider community to agree on the final Northern Growth Area Structure Plan 2014.
  • A quarry operation is NOT part of the Northern Growth Area Structure Plan 2014.

Please show your support as a community and sign this petition!

This petition will be presented to Porirua City Council before their meeting with Fulton Hogan/Horokiwi Quarries, which is planned for 17 April 2018.

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