Save Pomeroy

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We the concerned residents of the city of Santa Clara are opposed to the destruction of our neighborhoods. The demolition of the single family resident at 1530 and the demolition of the single family resident at 1540 on Pomeroy.  We are opposed to the construction of 8 town houses at those addresses.  They will cause havoc in our single-family neighborhood and we stand opposed to it.


Reason to Sign:

  • This is a gate way to further hi density over populated development.
  • "The Deck" development will bring 66 units
  • 1530 and 1540 Pomeroy units is the Gateway to more develompment
  • 122 units in a 5-stories building is proposed development and dependent upon 1530 and 1540 Pomeroy.
  • Hi density population within a small area.  8 Town Homes in 8,000 sq ft
  • Traffic increase in a narrow peaceful street.
  • Disruption of neighborhoods with mass crowded population.
  • Disruption of small business during construction. 

We are fighting for Santa Clara to remain a single family oriented district.  Santa Clara is a magical beautiful place, it’s a family friendly, and has safe residential areas.  We want to keep residential areas clean, non-congested, and a without traffic mess.  Continuing to let high density communities develop in our residential areas will degrade the living standard, cause population issue, and increase the chance of danger (like traffic accidents).  Lets keep Santa Clara Clean.