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I was a lonely kid growing up due to an absent mother. My father raised me the best possible way by always allowing me to express myself however I desired. Due to a manly approach, I ended up being a bit of a tomboy. However, I still loved being creative whenever I could and would write down outfits in movies every chance I could. It was quite the shock to fellow school friends that I decided to major in fashion design. I didn't quite fit the mold, I guess.

Fast forward to senior year at Ball State University.. I was on Facebook browsing around for new fashion apps to try and saw this thing called Polyvore. Decided to try it and loved it.. then the app became an actual stand-alone website, and it grew by leaps and bounds.

By this point, I had decided to use the website as my fashion portfolio to become a costume designer. It was the only website where you could create outfits. Soon enough, a decade later, it became more and more shopping-based. However, we were still able to create, and everything was still the same; nevermind, the annoying ads but those were overlooked. I longed for the mornings I'd wake and could create something new that popped in my head, not to mention the contests when I'd be blanking for an idea.

Imagine my surprise then when I was creating a new set today and went to publish when the page said 'content not available.' I tried to reload the page, and it sent me directly to this shopping site, Tried many other ways, and each time I saw the same thing. I googled and got on their Facebook page. Nothing was mentioned anywhere about Polyvore being sold out to this SSENSE. It wasn't until I looked at the Polyvore blog, and saw a new post that was published today around noon. 

April 5, 2018::

Some big news for our Polyfam
Polyvore began 11 years ago with the mission of democratizing style and providing our community with a new way to discover and shop for things you love in fashion, beauty and home. Today we’re sharing with our global Polyfam the latest step on our journey: SSENSE, a pioneering international fashion platform known for its exclusive original content and curated selection of fashion and luxury brands, has acquired Polyvore. SSENSE will welcome our Polyvore community into their platform starting today. While this is bittersweet news, we’re excited for our community’s future within SSENSE!

We believe that SSENSE is the right community for the Polyvore members, and we’re inspired by their commitment to offering a directional mix of the most coveted labels in the world.

Starting April 5, 2018, the Polyvore website will discontinue operations and the Polyvore apps will no longer be supported. All of your content will be available so you can download your brilliant, inspired creations—to do so, please go to by May 10, 2018 and follow the instructions to request a download of your content. You will have until May 15, 2018 to retrieve that download of your content.

Unless you choose to opt out, we will share your username, email address and other Polyvore data with SSENSE so that they can contact you with information about SSENSE. If you would prefer that we do not share your Polyvore data with SSENSE, you can opt out of this sharing by May 15, 2018 by visiting You can also create an account at to start creating a wishlist and subscribe to their newsletters right away.

Most importantly, we want to thank you, our committed global community of members- people who we’ve had relationships with over so many years- watching your tastes evolve, sharing your sets, and building your communities alongside you. We’ve always had a wall of “love letters” in our office from our users around the world, and that personal connection with each of you has inspired us every step of the way.


For a website that was based on a global outreach and a love for community, there was little communication with its members. We were never contacted or surveyed to discuss these huge changes. WE the members, made Polyvore what it was. WE are the brand. WE created the amass following, the reputation that Polyvore was. That reputation was featured in numerous media outlets. It was referred back by magazines like Cosmo, Glamour, Instyle etc. WE did that.. we showed the world what we were capable of. We're not famous nor rich. We don't have fancy jobs or show up on television. Most of us are normal, everyday people whose minds are filled with ideas too great to be locked away. Polyvore allowed us an outlet to express those thoughts. 


WE, as a global community, can try our hardest to put a stop to this sell-out. WE can make a difference if we just try. 

Let Polyvore know what you think of this change. Tell them you want the old site back..

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