Use Only Eco Friendly Ganesha Idols- Save Lakes of Bangalore

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Each year Bangalore is facing immense water scarcity !!!

Research says that Bangalore will be left with no water in coming days. Consumption of ground water is beyond limit .Please find below article which states it :

These observations make our lakes dearer .Bangalore city is known for its greenery and Lakes, but both are nearing extension. Either the lakes are encroached or unfit for usage. We need to stop polluting lakes and support in rebuilding it.

One of major problem in poluting lakes is -" Immersion of POP made and chemically painted Ganesha idols" .

Ganesha Chaturthi is the most auspicious festival for many of us .Lets not pollute our lakes on this auspicious day and harm the eco system .

We request our authorities to restrict the sale of POP and chemically made Ganesha idols and allow only Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idols.

By promoting eco-friendly Ganesha idols it will also support the craftsmen who make clay Idols and  help in preserving the water bodies from pollution.   

Image: Ganesha Immersion In Ulsoor lake

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