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In early February, Violeta Jacobo, a bus driver for the Polk County Public School system, used her position of authority to cause mental harm to a 7 year old, second grader that was on her bus. The boy had missed his regular bus and was getting a later bus ride home and was concerned that his 2 moms would be upset with him. He was the only child on the bus when this happened. The bus driver then informed the boy that he and his moms would not go to heaven because of their relationship. She encouraged him to watch videos on the Jehovah's Witnesses website that was on a business card that she gave him. She cited bible verses and showed him examples of what "real" couples and families look like by pointing out billboards on the way home. This driver had a captive and impressionable audience and took advantage of the opportunity to push her own agenda. 

This incident has caused harm to the boy, his family and the LGBT community at whole. The public school system in Polk County is made up of a diverse community that includes different religious views as well as different family arrangements. It is not right that a member of the community should face such harsh discrimination. It is very important to us that every member of this diverse community feel welcome and safe in the public school system and be able to navigate this system without fear of discrimination. 

We believe that disciplinary action should be taken against Ms. Jacobo for her actions. This breach of separation of state and religion cannot be ignored. She should be properly educated on appropriate interactions with children, and her direct contact with children should be limited until she can show that she can properly interact with them. 

In addition, the school board should release a statement showing their support of all members of this diverse community and their commitment to providing a safe, welcoming environment free of discrimination. This includes respect for differing religious views, and family orientation. 


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