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So many countries see dogs as vermin and treat them so badly, they inhumanely abuse, torture and kill dogs for no reason at all.

More shelters need to be opened for stray street dogs, there needs to be a law set in all countries to stop the terrible treatment of DOGS with punishment to anyone abusing the law, the graphic videos and photos that are posted on social media are laughed about which is disgusting and these people should be found and punished.

I started this petition because…
We have a family run doggy daycare and home boarding business and treat each and every dog like family, Dogs are kind, loyal, fun, and give back so much love, each dog that comes through our doors have such different personalities, friendship groups they play and share toys just like children at school SO HOW CAN THEY BE CLASSED AS VERMIN. please sign this petition and help me and many others put a stop to ill treatment to all fur babies across the globe.