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Why needs to turn the compass 45 degrees

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By turning the political compass 45° this will solve two major problems . 

1. There is no such thing as left libertarianism . Being against economic freedom but for social freedom is equally as much authoritarian as being for economic freedom but not social freedom.  The current political compass puts half authoritarians from the right correctly in an authoritarian box but puts half authoritarians from the left in a box with the label of libertarian except libertarianism is economic AND social freedom and should only have one box on the compass that's opposite of the economic and social authoritarian box with those who only believe in social freedom to the left and those who only believe in economic freedom to the right . 

2. The alt-right are not our friends or allies as some claim because we both fall on the right of the current compass . The libertarian box should no longer be on the right and associated with social authoritarians because of our free markets beliefs . This will help them understand we will never " unite the right " just because libertarians believe in economic freedom . We don't believe in social authoritarianism and that should be made more clear in the political compass as a diamond .

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