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Shohaib Ahmed a medical student who suffers severe depression is being detained and falsely accused of terroism. He attempted to purchase one gun for the purpose of ending his life. Instead of sending him for adequate help. He who has no history or suggested behaviour of extremism ,is being held in prison. There is a lot of evidence of his depression ,however the reality is being exploited into tabloid tales. Over 1/4 medical students suffer depression. In Shoaibs case the news and media fail to mention he was struggling with passing retake exams.Instead of highlighting the fact of the pressure the medical university is putting on him,to sell their papers and get views on their pages they have falsified a story about an innocent young boy because of his name and ethnicity. Perhaps if for second the people could stop and think rather than digest instantly what is fed to them. Nonetheless this matter has uncovered the extent of the racism amoung the people and that foreign students are nothing but a commodity whom they can over charge when need be.

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