Police seized my innocent dog, Please sign this petition to help Him.

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On Friday 19/10/2018 my 20 month old loyal loving family dog 'Chaos Rich' was forcibly removed from his family home and seized by police just because they believe he looks like a pitbull terrier. Chaos is in fact a crossbreed american bulldog/staffordshire bull terrier. He has never bitten or even shown aggression towards anybody he is completely innocent. Chaos is a loving and caring dog who lives along side my 13 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is missing him dearly. 

Chaos is currently being held in an unknown location with police dog handlers who we have no contact with what so ever so we have no updates on how our boy is doing and no clue how long he will be there, all we do know is he will be very scared after how he was forced from his family home and into an unfamiliar location without his dad who he has never spent a single night away from. 

All I ask that you will sign this petition to help towards to safe return of my innocent boy 

Chaos is not just my dog he is my 4 legged son.  And he is innocent