Justice for BillyCat

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  1. I want the law to be changed that when someone hits a cat especially if he/she is wearing a collar with car u must stop & report it!! If u hit a dog u have 2 stop & report so why not a cat? Cats r loved just as much as dogs they have feeling & it's dame right crule 2 leave any animal lying in rd 2 slowly die in serve pain!! killing someone's furbaby is taking a member of they're family away & is heartbreaking for the hole family! My Billy was killed on 28th of July it was a Saturday morning, the driver didn't stop this was outside a school aswell so he/she was speeding, the crule person behide the wheel of the car left ma boy who was adored & dotted on since he was 8wks old he was 5 in April lying on rd 2 b hit by multiple vehicles his handsome wee face was unrecognizable if it wasn't for his collar & how well we knew his body then u would never know it was him! This has giving me nightmares & extreme emotional distress, if it wasn't for the kindness of a young lassie wrapping him up took him off the rd 2 a safe place until some1 came take his wee body away! Then he would've been in pieces!! The driver of the car has stolen my furbaby & my happiness so why should they get away with it!! The devastion they cos & they go happily ever after but if it was a dog they would at least get a fine!! Please everyone sign this cat owners matter too