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Last night a 15 year old boy called Terrell Decosta Jones-Burton, from South Bermondsey, was approached by police when he was coming home from the shop with friends at 21.30/22.00. He’s currently in critical care at a south London hospital. The officers claimed he had been involved in a robbery of a mobile phone. He has had no criminal record and no involvement with any criminal behaviour, activity or any police. The officers then beat up Terrell and he was hospitalised. On his way to the hospital, in the ambulance, he had a seizure, it has been confirmed that he has bruising on the brain. And the bone inside his gums has been broken. He’s lost teeth, and he’s suffering from abdominal pain. The police are accusing Terrell of stealing a mobile phone, wouldn’t the correct legal procedures that should’ve been followed was Terrell was to be taken into the station to be questioned?? Terrell is a black 15-year-old boy, I’m a White, recently 16-year-old girl. The way that officers approach me because of the colour of my skin is in a completely different nature to the way they’ve approached Terrell and many, many other young black people. I’ve seen it, and quite frankly it’s disgusting the way people can think they can treat people because they wear a uniform.  I have been reading about this injustice for years, and the officers that are in duty now, not all of them, but the ones who constantly patronise black people are racial, sickening, inexcusable ‘ people ‘ who shouldn’t be permitted to wear a badge that’s supposed to protect us. ‘ US ‘. Plural. That means me, my family, my friends, my teachers, my bus driver, the people I stand behind in a queue at Tesco’s, TERRELL. If the legal system in the UK claim not to see it, that’s an undeniable lie, as I see it everywhere I go. And the fact i’m even having to write this petition is a joke. We are equal, the justice system has to realise, they can’t employ animals. Officer badge number- MD848 ( MET police U.K ) was the ‘police’man who is deluded enough to think he can get away with something like this. Terrell deserves justice, for taking a walk to the shop for a packet of crisps and ending up in critcal care thanks to xenophobic, nasty police. http://grmdaily.com/mother-justice-son-allegedly-beaten-up-police  #JUSTICEFORTERRELL