Investigate Animal Abuse Claims and the Death of Kane

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Investigate Animal Abuse Claims and the Death of Kane

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anneka barnett started this petition to Police Dept. of Paris, TX

Last October, when my family and I were preparing to move from Texas to Louisiana, we realized that unfortunately our two beloved dogs Kane and Karma would not be able to come with us to our new home. I started a search to find Kane and Karma a safe, loving home, and after believing that I had found the right fit for them, left them in the care of a new family. On December 31st, Kane had to be put down after he and Karma were found sick, neglected, and starving in the care of this new family -- and the police are doing nothing about it. I need your help to get justice for Kane, and to make sure that the man who caused his death is held responsible for his actions.

After we moved I followed up with the man caring for Kane and Karma periodically to make sure they were settling into their new home and had everything they needed -- I even offered to help pay for the veterinary bills. My family and I visited Kane and Karma over Thanksgiving, and although they had lost a small amount of weight we were not worried, we assumed they were still adjusting to their new home and would soon be thriving.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I attempted to contact the man caring for Kane and Karma multiple times, but he stopped responding to me -- even after I tried following up with him at his work. When my family returned for the Christmas holiday I tried again to set up a time for us to come check on Kane and Karma, but never received a response.

Last week I made a last-ditch effort to contact him at his workplace, and when I explained to the person who answered why I was calling he gave me the full story:

After we moved, Kane and Karma’s new owner attempted to sell them multiple times, but when one of his colleagues at work offered to take them, the new owner would suddenly change his mind and decide against selling them. Finally, on December 31st the owner called his colleague from work and said he could finally come and pick up Kane and Karma.

When he arrived at the owner’s house, he found Kane and Karma sick, dirty, and emaciated, and when he took them to the vet for help x-rays showed that they had sticks, bark, and rocks in their stomachs -- the man who was supposed to take care of Kane and Karma had been starving them to death.

Kane was put to sleep on December 31st, he was too sick and in too much pain to survive. When we left Kane in the care of his new owner he weighed 80 lbs, at the time of his death he weighed only 40.

Karma is now safe and recovering, but the man who starved her and caused Kane’s death has not faced any consequences for his actions.

The police have been contacted and reports have been filed, but they have been dragging their feet and do not appear to be taking any action to charge this man with animal abuse. 

I need your help to raise awareness about this case, and convince the police department in Paris, TX that they need to complete a full investigation and bring charges against the man who did this.

My family and I love Kane and Karma, and this situation has been absolutely devastating.

Please help me find justice for Kane.

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This petition made change with 84,861 supporters!

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