Begin Investigations For Stolen Kemo

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We need the police to start investigations for our dog Kemo who we now believe has been stolen. 

Kemo went missing on Thursday 8th February 2018 on a walk down Wood Lane with my dad, Olly 61, and our other dogs, Charlie and Barney. He was headed towards Haynes and Shefford way running off into the wooded area.

We have made a Facebook page ‘Find Stolen Kemo’ and we have contacted radio stations, newspapers and trying to make Kemo too hot to handle. We need as much support as we can get right now. 

We have had some sightings and was also informed of someone who had him. We have gone to every sighting and it was always a dead end. However the person who we believed to have had him denied it. After pleading with them this person still denied it. 

Only now have we been told that Kemo was in fact with this person and for 20 days before we got the information we needed to prove this person had him. and we have evidence for this. 

We do have a crime number - JH-10235-2018

We just need the police to see how serious we are and how much we need their help right now!...

Im asking everyone to please sign my petition to help start investigations into this. We need the police on our side. We need them to help us. We have never needed them more than we do now. 

Please im begging you help us to get our Kemo home. Me and my family are heartbroken and just need him home�

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