People`s Ganga Act

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Ganga, our national river has now become our national guilt.

Ganga Rejuvenation has become a lost cause because successive governments have failed in fulfilling the vision of Ganga rejuvenation as none of the government take the strong and hard stand much needed for the Ganga to rejuvenate in its original state, as a result, the condition of the entire 2525 km stretch is becoming from bad to worse. All the toll promises of the current government have been reduced to beautification, "swachta" of the banks, rather than achieving the goal of Aviral - Nirmal Ganga as was promised.

We have already suffered the unfortunate demise of  Prof. G. D. Aggarwal/ Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand who sat on a fast unto death for 111 days and was asking the govt. to implement such a bill in order to ensure the current and the future protection, conservation and preservation of the Ganga (The Ganga Killings: The government made no effort towards bringing forth this bill. Now, Br. Atmabodhanand Ji is carrying on the fast of Swami Sanand, emphasizing the same need for an act/ bill for permanent conservation and preservation of the Ganga. Aatmabodhanand Ji has been fasting since 24th October 2018 and even after 114 days of fasting, there has been zero communication from the government with fasting seer.

People`s Ganga act has been drafted based on the draft of the bill suggested by Swami Sanand, in consultation with various scientists, on ground activists and people from the local communities who understood the various issues all along the 2525 Km stretch of Ganga river basin. Keeping the interest of the Ganga at its very core, the act has taken into account the requirements and rights of the inhabitants of the areas where the Ganga flows.

Your vote for People`s Ganga Act. will ensure that the government fulfills its own tall
promise on Ganga Rejuvenation as the Act looks holistically at the issue and the solutions for ensuring current and future conservation and rejuvenation.

� People`s Ganga act is based on the concept of achieving Aviral(Aviral
Pravah (Natural flow) in a time bound and phased manner), Nirmal(Nirmal
Pravaha (Pristine flow) in a time-bound manner) Ganga, fully endowed with the
quality which is the unique self-purifying, bacteriocidal properties of the Ganga which
is called Gangatva.

� The Bill segregates the various activities along the mainstream of the Ganga as
prohibited, regulated and permissible activities thereby ensuring the catchment
the watershed of the Ganga basin in the Himalayas is fully conserved and protected for all the tributaries of the Ganga river basin.

�  People`s Ganga act paves way for the formulation of Independent Monitoring Body (National Ganga Commission) to plan a systematic series of next steps to achieve the goal of Ganga Rejuvenation and also monitor the actions taken as per the plans.

� The Drafted Bill also clearly highlights the major offenses such as diverting the flow of the river, disposing of any kind of sewage, Industrial as well as domestic waste into the river as a criminal offense. 

After suffering successive failures by consecutive governments, it is pertinent and conclusive that the people take the torch of Ganga Rejuvenation into their own hands, therefore, support the people`s Ganga Act thereby ensuring the Ganga Rejuvenation, preservation, and conservation we envision for our national river - the Ganga. It is pertinent that the Ganga Aviral-Nirmal Dhara is not just achieved but is also maintained for current and all future generations.

Click on the link for reading the full draft bill:

Another Good man`s life is now at stake but the cries of the Ganga and the demands of the several Indians seem to be falling on deaf ears. We are on the verge of losing out on our national river due to sheer rapaciousness and totally unscientific, an illogical model of development. Let us reclaim our national river.

Support and join the Ganga Movement. Support People`s Ganga Act!! 

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