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Australia uphold international law by ending Japanese Whaling

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@PMMalcolmTurnbull @ScottMorrisonMP I'll tell you what guys.We can arrange an online survey / VOTE for you...FREE. We will ask a very simple direct Question such as....

Do you think Australia should commit to upholding International Law by ending Japanese Whaling using force if required?


Then, when we've collected a few MILLION answers\VOTES...for FREE....  If the result is No... we will shut up... but if the result is ..YES...then YOU LIBERALS pay out ONE POINT FOUR MILLION DOLLARS .... $1.4million... to send ONE fully armed Royal (Australian) Navy Frigate  to blow the hell out of the ILLEGAL japanese whaling fleet...BEFORE they kill any endangered Whales.

You might have to use a couple of satellites...if there are any still working by know...nbn telsra at&t ones...not those crap ones.... to help track em down...or just Google it.



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