Was It Really Suicide? Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput

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On 14th June, 2020, amidst a global pandemic that was crippling the world, actor Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide. Or did he? The vast majority of the general public currently believes so because a handful of news channels and articles spewed out this theory even before his cadaver was taken for post-mortem. And taking advantage of the fact that depression is a very common mental illness among the people these days, the chances of foul play was ruled out without a proper enquiry.

Later, the autopsy reports claimed the provisional cause of death as asphyxia due to hanging and the Mumbai Police was too quick to give out a verdict that it was a case of suicide. The great Physics buff that he was, it would be an insult to his memory if they couldn't provide any logic behind this verdict.

Here, I will take reference from a collapsed answer on Quora which provides the logic behind the possibility that it may have been pre-planned murder:


One of the notable points is the fact that death may be due to asphyxiation, but that asphyxiation was caused before or after the hanging is matter of investigation, which is not concluded. Also, despite the news being circulated that he had been dropped off and banned from films, he did have quite a few ambitious projects on hand.

The only people who have seen Sushant hanging were the three present in the house. They claimed he hung with the help of the curtains, but the marks on his neck look like those of a plastic rope.

The servants claim that he came out at around 9:30am, drank pomegranate juice and went back, which also strikes as weird.

If one notices his ideology and his view towards life that he portrayed in interviews, one can clearly understand that he was filled with optimism and a passion to live life to the fullest. As a filmstar who had built his stardom from nothing, why would he be afraid of that stardom falling back to nothing just because his talent was suppressed? Even if he was lonely, he basked in the solitude and read poetry, philosophy, and science. He was the type of person who would pen his emotions through poetry etc, then why no suicide note? According to a Cambridge scholar he met, he was rather inclined to study Physics even after having achieved recognition. His dream was not to star in the biggest films, but to visit LIGO and work for free education, and he had earned plenty of wealth to fulfill most of his remaining dreams. It is true that he was in depression, which could well have been a tool to disguise the real incident. (As per sources, Sushant organised a close friends' group party at his house the previous night. He was also in contact with his father). 

He was someone who had no care about monetary stability or fame, because these petty things had long lost their allure in his life. He himself said that if he didn't have any films the next year, he would act in a play. He just wanted to act. It is strangely odd how the media was in an uproar against issues like depression as soon as the news of his hanging was published. We, the general public, did not waste minutes to raise fingers towards nepotism. Everyone on social media suddenly became too empathetic and there are now rampant, random theories like Rhea Chakraborty's involvement with Mahesh Bhatt and the latter claiming to have known of Sushant's "mental illness", which weirdly even his close ones were unaware of.

Bollywood is a big industry, full of rich, powerful people. Influence can help to hide evidence or corrupt the investigation process or spread fake news to divert the attention from the investigation, as in the cases of Jiah Khan or Sreedevi. As Miss Kangana Ranaut also stated, there are paid journalists writing fake tabloid articles to influence our minds. While the whole industry have "regretted not being by his side to share his thoughts", none of his colleagues have come forward to clearly support the nepotism blame-game against Karan Johar, Salman Khan and Ekta Kapoor. Are they being forced to keep their mouths shut, or are they hiding something even more heinous?

We want answers. Even if this claim is proved wrong, it does not matter. But there should be proper, unhindered CBI investigation of his death. The departed soul must get justice. It would be a shame if his criminals are out there, roaming in peace.