Kpop Seventeen to Perth

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I'm starting this petition to bring Seventeen to Perth Australia so Perth Carats including me can have a chance to see and meet them. It would be such a great experience not just for us Carats but also for the Seventeen members so they could also experience and see Perth for themselves. It will also create a strong and fun bonding time between the 13 members and it will make them feel more relax and happy to travel to Perth since Perth is quiet but a very beautiful place. 

It would be so amazing to see them performing live for the first time in Perth Australia. 

I've never been to a concert before but I would love it if I go to Seventeen concert for my first time. I'm just a new fan of Seventeen 2 months ago but I love them and their songs so much and it'll be so cool to watch "CLAP" and more of their songs live.

I hope I can get many people to agree and sign this petition :)

Thank you!

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